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Stealthy71088, more popularly known as just plain Stealthy, is a member of the Keen community who is always eager to help with any small projects that are currently being built. He has been a keener for over 5 years and a community member for two of those.

Stealthy had released two mods, Keen Universe 1, and How the Vorticon Stole Christmas. In cooperation with Levellass and Xky Rauh, he also released a level pack for Yorpius II. He is currently working on three different mods, with additional plans for another three or four. He likes level design more than any other aspect of modding, and is always trying to add some unusual quirks to his mods to make them interesting.

Now that Stealthy is in college, he has very little time to mod. However, he plans to release something special around Christmas 2007.

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