Keen Universe: Aliens Ate My Homework

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Keen Universe: Aliens Ate My Homework
Keen Universe- Aliens Ate my Homework.png
Keen Universe-ingame.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Discussion(s)Keen: Modding
Number of levels16
Secret levelsUnknown
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
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Keen Universe: Aliens Ate My Homework is a mod created by Stealthy71088. It was Stealthy's second attempt at a mod. It took a year to make, and was released shortly after How the Vorticon Stole Christmas.

The mod takes place in the Milky Way, and sees Keen travel to a number of the different celestial objects in the sky. These can range from satellites to cities built in nebulas.

Technical Information

Graphics: Drawn by Stealthy71088, with some use of the BwB from Keen1.

Levels: 16 Levels

Tools used: ModKeen, KeenWright (Dos), Tileinfo, CKPatch, The Patchotron, Fin2bmp


(quoted and edited from the game)

Something unbelievable has happened. Billy Blaze did not have his homework. Alert for some sort of prank, his teacher was most surprised when Billy claimed that an alien had devoured his homework. Not just any alien, but the member of a long extinct race known as the Atlan'tjeans. Knowing very well that aliens don't exist, the teacher kicked Billy out of her class and refused to let him come back until he had proof. He was last seen saying something about searching the entire universe for proof if he had to.


Commander Keen knows exactly what he would like to use for proof.

VIDEO FOOTAGE (Billy has a security system running in his house that his parents don't know about. The culprit took this with him.)

WITNESS (Scared, Norp fled the planet on a certain "borrowed" Geezer 5000 shortly after the crime. The ship was found abandoned in orbit around a star.)

STOLEN FAMILY BIBLE (Billy wants to swear on something special)

CYLINDER OF POWER (According to legends it can convince anyone of anything.)


The Atlan'tjeans were highly advanced. They have left ruins in areas that were once thought inhospitable including black holes and actual stars. They did this using the special technology of Thrawnixis, a special gas that could be used to protect candy and other goodies. It can also be breathed by any species, acting as oxygen in a human. This gas has mostly dissipated since the decline of the civilization, but there is still enough traces for Keen to breathe. Cartographers lost track of Atlan'tjis long ago. It will be hard but rewarding to find.

Legend has it that long ago Atlan'tjean used to be an easy planet to get to. It was quite a tourist attraction, mostly for the color blind. At that time, the stock market and electricity were regulated by some powerful thingy everyone called the Guardian Batteria. This, whatever it was, was quite a cheerful fellow, and many suggested that he was omniscient, even though he rarely said anything. One of the Atlan'tjeans, Mouthanen, was extremely jealous of the lack of attention he got from the people around him. (he didn't know when to shut up and he also had a habit of shooting down the ideas of the people around him instantaneously.)

He eventually kidnapped the helpless Guardian, and sealed him in a unique starship that, when fueled by the enslaved guardian, had the power to destroy ANYTHING. Soon after, this starship, named the Death Nova, and Mouthanen disapeared, never to be seen again. Without the Guardian, the stock market crashed, the Empire of the Atlan'tjeans collapsed, and the planet Atlan'tjean disapeered. The Atlan'tjeans all died out, or left the galaxy, and Earth eventually became one of the main commercial centers of the universe.

According to some documents, all of the now extra-terrestials, upset that such a puny planet could become so powerful, decided to boycott Earth, in the hope that some guy would go and blow it up, and some cooler civilization, like the Shikadi, could run things.


The Bloogs, angry that they don't make an appearance in this game, despite the fact that the name of this episode is quite similar to that of another, have posted a bounty on Keen's head. A bounty-hunting dedicated species, THE BOUNTY HUNTERS OF THE VOID, also known as the Voidapig, have taken up the difficult job of killing Keen. (It's always something, isn't it?) This species has been around for quite some time. They came from another galaxy during the Atlan'tjeans rule, and "borrowed" their now famous black hole technology. They have used this to create their own headquarters inside of a remote blackhole. They are very intelligent, despite the fact that they can't figure out how to use rayguns.

You may also run into the deadly Flame Giants of Spi'cypep VIIIL, who enjoy crushing the opposition with their molton hammers. Although they do have more intelligence than a dopefish, they rarely show it. Some of these brutes have been hired by the Voidapig as enforcers, although the deadliest ones are too territorial to leave their colonized stars. Rumor has it that a group of them have been trained into an army to take over the world, but that's probably only a rumor.

Many of NASA's space stations have been taken over by strange, armored troopers With stormy dispositions. Their armor used to look quite different, but recent difficulties with a group of Blatts caused them to adapt to a more suitable...uh suit. These "Storm Troopers" probably serve a certain Emperor, or Intellect.

On a more positive note, the always happy Meteormiles have been more active in recent days. They have been seen peeking out from their little meteorite-like shells much more frequently. It is still unknown whether or not they are really Yorp Holloween costumes that some alien with extremely delicate eyes brought to life. During your galactic tour, you may also see some of the star builders, or Nebiwalls. They're quite determined and stubborn, and are obssessed with building things. They helped the Atlan'jeans build some of their fancier constructions.

Mortimer is hidden in the most dangerous part of each level with a treasure chest. He'll give it to you if you can somehow get to him.