How the Vorticon Stole Christmas

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How the Vorticon Stole Christmas
How the Vorticon Stole Christmas.png
Mod-ingame-How the Vorticon Stole Christmas.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistGorti Vrinch
Release date
Latest update2008-12-20
Discussion(s)Keen: Modding: original version, special edition
Number of levels4
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
original version
(2 votes)
Map of Pole III

How the Vorticon Stole Christmas is a small mod by Stealthy71088. A special edition titled Gorti Vrinch Special Edition has been released for Christmas 2008.

Technical Information

  • Originally a one level mod, special edition has three extra levels
  • New tilseset
  • Sprite animation frames: new sprites
  • Miscellaneous bitmaps: 1 set, complete, new
  • Levels: 1\4 regular levels, 1 worldmap
  • Tools used (incomplete list): ModKeen, KeenEdit, KeenWright, Patchinator, Patch-Loading Utility, Paint, Notepad
  • Some spelling mistakes in game text and tile placement errors

Special Version

A special edition was alter released that contained three extra levels. Aside from this little else is changed.


Vodka Greed is a thirty five year-old partial genius, working diligently in his disgusting garage has created an interstellar starship from wood, leather straps and ACME life guaranteed life support. While his friends are out on the town and the kitty has fallen asleep, Vodka travels into his backyard workshop, dons his "I have a grand intellect, for a Dopefish" t-shirt, and transforms into Gorti Vrinch.

Sent a message from some really intimidating guy named Mortimer, the message told Vrinch of a horrible, horrible celebration, in which Santa Claus (The one from the northside of Pole III) delivered gifts upon gifts to Vrinch's incredibly irritating nemesis, Commander Keen. The gifts came from all the various people Keen had saved. ("Shortly before they starved to death due to lack of candy," falsely suspected Vrinch) Vrinch quickly realized that there was a great injustice (A galaxy of gifts to someone who had risked his life for the universe a literally uncountable number of times-While no gifts at all to the local galactic auto thief) that he had to commit. With that, he made an illegal copy of the message- he hadn't given himself permission- and high tailed it to the northside of Pole III, hoping to steal Santa's gifts before the fat tub of lard tried to give them.

Level Maps

Spoiler Warning! This shows the complete levels. Note; these are only the four levels of the special version.

Release History / Downloads