The Patchotron

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The Patchotron
The Patchotron.png
Initial release
Development statusFinished
PlatformWindows XP, 7-10
Tool TypeText Editor
Engine(s)Keen:Vorticons, Keen:Galaxy
DownloadThe Patchotron v.1.4.b newest

The Patchotron is a patching tool to be used with CKPatch created by xtraverse in 2003. It makes text patching easier but also allows you to change file extensions and cheats with relative ease.

For a more up to date tool check The Neural Stunner


The Patchotron is a tool, which patches the executables of the original Keen Games.

CkPatch works with:

  • Keen 1: 1.1 and 1.31
  • Keen 2: 1.0 and 1.31
  • Keen 3: 1.0 and 1.31
  • Keen 4: 1.4
  • Keen 5: 1.4
  • Keen 6: 1.0 and 1.4

The Patchotron makes patch files read by CKPatch in an easy, user-friendly way, without the tedious work of finding offsets and such in a hex editor. This is Version 1.4b and does have basic support for Keen Galaxy.


To start, select the Keen game and version you want to patch and click OK. You'll be directed to a screen with a typing area on the right and an array of buttons on the left.

Purpose of Buttons

Button Explanation
NEW Clears the text area to start a new patch file.
OPEN Opens an existing patch file
SAVE Saves your patch file and creates a batch file

of the same name that will run CKPatch with your patch file as an argument.

Patch Button Explanation
MENU Goes to the respective screen that allows you to
STATUS SCREEN change each line of text in the respective part
ABOUT ID... of the game. One pressing OK, it will return to
ORDERINFO the editing screen and the code will be automatically
FINALE put in at the top of the document. (1-3)

Mortimer Conversation
Patch Button Explanation
HINTS Allows you to change the text displayed when touching
a yorp/garg statue in Keen 1 or frozen Vorticon
in Keen 2.
BWB MESSAGES Allows you to change any of the four random messages
you see in Keen3 if you try to enter your BWB.
FILES Allows you to change the name of the respective file.
Very useful for mods so that people can run the
original game by going to the game exe or your mod
by going to your batch file.
HIGH SCORE ENTRIES Changes the defualt high score entries
(Yorpy, Gargile and Zzapp!).
CHEATS Allows you to change the text displayed when
using either the God Mode or C-T-Space cheats.
Also allows you to change the keypresses used to activate a cheat.

Compatible Keys:
0-9 (alphanumeric)
space bar, tab, return

CUSTOM PATCH If you have an offset you know and want to patch
some text there, this will let you do that.
PATCHFILE If you have an offset you know and want to patch
a file there, this will let you do that.
VERSION Adds a header to define version-specific patches
(this has never seemed to work properly for me in CKPatch).
ABORT/STOP Adds the respective command.
DUMP Adds a command that lets you choose a file to dump
the memory into.
LEVEL NAMES Allows you to change the names of levels in 4-6.
LEVEL ENTRY TEXTS Allows you to change the text displayed upon entering a level in 4-6.
OTHER Other useful patches that don't fit into the above categories.

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