Revenge of Mortimer

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Revenge of Mortimer (ROM) is a mod trilogy created by Quinton. The trilogy consists of three episodes, Mort's Rescue, Flames On Earth, and The Sqeek Battle. The trilogy's plot focuses on the evil mind-controlled Sqeeks, and as implied by the name, Mortimer McMire attempts to seek his revenge on Commander Keen.

Mort's Rescue

Mort's Rescue Title Screen
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Mort's Rescue is the first of the three games in the series. The premise of the game is that Mortimer McMire claimed himself to be retiring from destroying the universe, and instead decided to be a good guy, like Commander Keen. After this event, Mortimer McMire got abducted by the Sqeek UFO, and is heading off to the planet, Molecir X. Commander Keen follows the Sqeek UFO, and finds Mortimer McMire to be trapped in a cage. Commander Keen must search the four keys that are scattered across Molecir X, so he can free Mortimer McMire.

Flames On Earth

Flames On Earth Title Screen
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Flames On Earth is the second game in the trilogy. It takes place right after the events of Mort's Rescue, with Commander Keen discovering two things, the Mortimer McMire he has rescued actually appears to be a droid, and there is a Dragon Mothership, which is intended to set Earth on flames. The Mortimer McMire droid was built by Mortimer McMire, intending to be a distraction to Commander Keen. Inside the Dragon Mothership, are eight flame rays, which are to power up the flames that the Dragon Mothership will be firing soon. Commander Keen must take out these eight flame rays, before it is too late.

The Sqeek Battle

The Sqeek Battle Title Screen
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The Sqeek Battle is the final game in the trilogy. The story continues after the events of Flames On Earth. After disabling the flame rays of the Dragon Mothership, Commander Keen used his Locater 1000 to locate the Sqeeks. Commander Keen had learned from the Sqeek Elders that the Sqeeks are not evil, and were mind-controller by Mortimer McMire. Commander Keen must travel through the home planet of the Sqeeks, Cheesicon V, and search for Mortimer McMire.