Sqeek Elder

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Sqeek Elder
Sqeek Elder.png
Appears inFlames On Earth
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeatImmortal

Sqeek Elders are the oldest Sqeeks that are encountered in the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy. Only two of them are seen on Flames On Earth, in both of the home levels, whom are the only Sqeeks that aren't mind-controlled during the Sqeek mind-controlling.

The Sqeek Elders are held inside glass cases, and can only speak to whoever steps on the communication pad on front of them for the first time. One of the Sqeek Elders tell Keen that the Sqeeks have a fear of the dark (and will therefore not jump while in the dark), while the other convinces him to not shoot at the Sqeeks, as they aren't actually evil.

Sqeek Elders are Vorticon Elder replacements.