Cheesicon V

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A map of a part of Cheesicon V.

Cheesicon V is the planet where The Sqeek Battle takes place in, named after the dairy food cheese, which is what the planet's terrain is made out of. There might be at least four other planets in the Cheesicon system, due to the "V" in the name.

No plants are found during The Sqeek Battle, but there appears to be quite a lot of clouds and bit of water. There seems to be no snow in the planet's caps. It was never told or shown what is in the other side of Cheesicon V, although there might be more buildings since the ending of The Sqeek Battle took place in a area that cannot be accessed during gameplay. The sky is blue in the planet, just like Earth's sky.

Only a few species seem to live in the Cheesicon V, which are Sqeeks, Cheese Slugs, and Redfish. During the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy, Mortimer McMire went to this planet and mind-controlled nearly all of the Sqeeks, as he resides in the Cat's Pit.

Lots of building have been found in the planet, most of which are made of red bricks with green wallpaper. The name of the planet, and structure and names of the locations in the planet are quite similar to Vorticon VI. This could either be a coincidence or the Vorticons and Sqeeks have some sort of relationship with each other.