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Appears inThe Sqeek Battle
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatImmortal

The Redfish is a race of red, one-eyed creatures that live in Cheesicon V, encountered only during The Sqeek Battle. Despite the name, Redfish do not resemble fish at all, although they look like jellyfish during the elder stage. They are covered with green spikes that have red tips (possibly blood from those that got hit by the spikes) and cannot be shot, until they enter the elder stage.

The Redfish appear to go through three stages in life. The most common of all the Redfish are the ones that are between the infant and elder stage, where they are planted into either ground or a building. As they can attach themselves into buildings, they could possibly be considered as pests to the Sqeeks.

Redfish in the middle stage are Stranded Fish replacements.

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