Molecir X

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A map of a part of Molecir X.

Molecir X is the planet where Mort's Rescue takes place in. It is named after the Moleys, which are the largest group of inhabitants of the planet. Because of the "X" in the name, there may be at least nine other planets in the Molecir system.

The planet appears to be mostly dry, with very little amounts of water and plants found. The north and south caps have snow in them. It is unknown what is in the other side of Molecir X. The planet's soil appears as brown and yellow stripes. The sky and walls in the inside of buildings are seen with a teal coloration. Molecir X possibly has little to no air itself, since air tanks are seen throughout many areas of the planet.

Only a few species that inhabitant the planet are encountered, which are Moleys, poison mushrooms, and Teethas. Sqeek Soldiers had taken over the planet at one point, capturing Moleys and then mutating them into Molesters. Only four Sqeek Soldiers are encountered (although it is possible that there may be more in the planet), each of whom guard a key that is needed to unlock a cage that is seen on the left of the map on the right.

Many buildings are seen in the planet, along with a few teleporters. It is unknown if these were built by the Sqeek Soldiers, Moleys, or an other civilization. Lots of food is found in Molecir X, although it is possible that they might've been brought by the Sqeek Soldiers.