Sqeek Soldier

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Sqeek Soldier
Sqeek Solider.png
Appears inMort's Rescue
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat4 (regular), 105 (Sqeek Commander)

Sqeek Soldiers are members of the Sqeek army that are distinguished from others by the soldier helmets they wear, which is possibly the cause of their increased defense. On Mort's Rescue, Sqeek Soldiers taken over Molecir X and captured many Moleys, mutating them into Molesters. Only four of them are seen in Mort's Rescue and are found nowhere else in the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy, each one of whom guard a key that is required in order to unlock the cage Mortimer McMire in trapped inside of.

One of the Sqeek Soldiers is known as the Sqeek Commander, who acts and moves like the other Sqeek Soldiers, but they require one-hundred five shots in order to be defeated. An alternative way to defeat the commander is to shoot a chain that holds a piano that is above the commander. Doing so will make the piano fall and crush the commander.

Sqeek Soldiers replace the Vorticon Guards in Mort's Rescue.