Omnispeak (game engine)

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Omnispeak (game engine)
Omnispeak (game engine).png
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Author(s)sulix, NY00123, and lemm David Gow
StatusIn development
GenreGame engine
OSWindows, Linux
Release date2014-03-14
Discussion v.1.1
Discussion (v.1.0)
Discussion (preview version)
Secret levelsN/A
Downloadall platforms v.1.1
Windows 32-bit v.1.1
Windows 64-bit v.1.1
Linux v.1.1
Mac OS X 10.9 (preview version)
Source Code v.1.1

Omnispeak is a game engine created by sulix, NY00123 and lemm. It is billed as 'an open-source reimplementation of Commander Keen episodes 4, 5, and 6' and aims to be a bug-for-bug compatible version of Keens 4–6 for modern systems. It is based on several reverse-engineering efforts, and supports features such as the cyan overscan border which are not supported by DOSBox.

It's possible to play through all of Keen 4, 5, and 6 under Omnispeak, and saved games from the original DOS games can be loaded by Omnispeak and vice-versa. The data files from a supported version of Keen are required to play: Omnispeak supports version 1.4 of Keens 4–6, and version 1.5 of Keen 6.

While Omnispeak does not officially support playing mods, it is possible to play simple mods by replacing some file and/or modifying the source code: PCKF Discussion.

Parts of the Omnispeak code were used in CKSRCMOD and other source mods, like Atroxian Realm. Chocolate Keen is the equivalent for the Vorticons trilogy.