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I'm David Gow, known in the Keen community as Multimania and elsewhere as sulix, and have done a variety of Keen-related things over the years. I still have the old 486 I first played Keen on, and continue to play Keen on it to this day.

I started the Omnispeak (game engine) project, which is a complete re-implementation of the Keen 4–6 engine for modern systems.

Keen Dreams always fascinated me as the weird "in-between" Keen, so I wrote KDRPatch and the Keen Dreams support in ModKeen. I was also the lead programmer on the short-lived Steam version of Keen Dreams, and released a version of its source code.

I also have released a few other miscellaneous things, including a pretty terrible mod (Robot Rebellion), and the Keen 1 Randomiser.

Finally, I wrote a lot of patches back in the day, including the initial version of the New sprite patch in Patch:Sprites (Keen 1).

My Mods