The Keys of Krodacia

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The Keys of Krodacia
The Keys of Krodacia.png
Mod-ingame-The Keys of Krodacia.png
Modded episodeKeen 4
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Latest update2009-03-14
Discussion(s)Initial Release Thread,
PCKF: Re-release Thread
Keen: Modding
Number of levels19
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?Yes
Initial Version (mirror)
(8 votes)
Other mods in this seriesDead in the Desert,
Battle of the Brains

The Keys of Krodacia is the first complete Keen 4 mod, produced by Ceilick with music composed by KeenRush. It is the first episode of the unofficial "The Universe Is Toast" trilogy, and is often referred to as Keen 7. It was released in June 2006, and then re-released in 2009 with new music, additional content and bug fixes.

On the Public Commander Keen Release Forum, Ceilick has started a discussion of ideas for his possible revision of the mod, including new music, graphics, etc.


The story begins immediately where Keen 6 left off. Upon returning to Earth, Billy asks Molly if it would be alright to browse through Mortimer's room, as there could be clues to Mortimer's plans. Persuading her that preventing the destruction of the Universe was more important than her brother's privacy, Billy finds a video tape on Mortimer's desk with a label in Standard Galactic Alphabet. The tape contains a message from Mortimer, giving Billy a clue that the Universal Toaster Cannon is being built on the planet Krodacia.

On Krodacia, Commander Keen finds a gigantic structure with only one entrance at the bottom, locked by seven keys. It's up to Keen to find the seven keys to get into Mortimer's base, and stop the Universal Toaster Cannon!

The story continues in Dead in the Desert, the first complete Keen 6 MOD.

Level List



Krodacian Soda.png
Krodacian Soda
100 points
Blue Peppermint.png
Blue Peppermint
200 points
Chocolate Bar.png
Chocolate Bar
500 points
Sugar Cubes.png
Sugar Cubes
1000 points
2000 points
Strawberry Jello.png
Strawberry Jello
5000 points


Neural Stunner.png
Neural Stunner
More ammo
Unlock doors
Magic Gem.png
Magic Gem
Collect 100 to get an extra life
Giant Gem.png
Giant Gem
Extra life
Swim Coin.png
Swim Coin
Required to access the lake


Piranna Launcher.png
Piranna Launcher
Dart gun replacement
Lava Fissure.png
Lava Fissure
Spear replacement
Slime Pool.png
Slime Pool
Tar pit replacement
Thrusters replacement
Spikes replacement
Fire is still the same thing, hot crispy demise.
Slime Shooter.png
Slime Shooter
Dart gun replacement

Music (Re-release only)

Track Title Composer Levels used
1 On the Run "Always on the Run" Lenny Kravitz (Edited by Ceilick) Krodacia
2 Ceilick Voodoo Ceilick Forest Tunnels, Cliff Hanger, Gem Temple, Reef, ending sequence
3 Keen Rushin' KeenRush Mansion, The Underground, Monk's House, Fun House, Shoal
4 It's Quiet... Too Quiet KeenRush Blue Forest, Mushroom Forest, Forest Skies, Slime Lake, BwB Megarocket
5 Into the Inferno KeenRush Private Manor, Complex, Slime Temple, Stone Temple, Star Wars scrolling story text
6 The Key to Success "Stepping Stone" The Monkees (Edited by Ceilick) Obtaining keys to Universal Toaster Cannon


Technical Information


The Keys of Krodacia was originally meant to be a follow-up to Ceilick's The Perilous Pursuit.

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