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Wolf Data Compiler (WDC)
Initial release
Latest update2022-07-06
Development statusFinished
PlatformWindows XP, 7-10
Tool TypeSound, Music, Text Editor
Engine(s)Keen:Galaxy, Keen:Dreams, Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, Blake Stone: Planet Strike, Operation BodyCount, Bio Menance, Catacomb, Corridor 7
Discussion(s)WDC Tutorial by TheMagician

Wolf Data Compiler, referred to as "WDC" for short, is a tool created by Adam Biser. It was originally written for Wolfenstein 3D. WDC can be used to edit sound effects, music, and text files in Keen's 4-6.


After you installed WDC to your Computer, also install a clean copy of Keen 4/5/6 in the keen4 subfolder of wdc. Also create a keen4_output folder as well as a keen4_mod_files folder. To configure WDC to work with these files start WDC and click File, New Project.

Enter 'keen4project' as the project name and click Save.

Set the Base Data Folder to the keen4 subfolder in the wdc directory.

WDC asks you to build a file for the CK4 extension. Click Build From and choose blank.wmc.

Set the Output folder to the keen4_output subfolder in the wdc directory.

Click the button Other Options and activate: Use Tile 16s for maps, if they exist. Press OK and wait for WDC to load the project for the first time. When it's done you should see the Keen 4/5/6 world map in the main window. Everything is now setup and you can start to modify levels, sprites, sound effects and music.

Editing story and option screens

You can use WDC to conveniently edit the story and option screens of the game. They are basically just text files which contain references as to where (x- and y- position) which picture is placed and what text is displayed.

Just load your keen4project in WDC and click on View, End Art. Using the horizontal scroll bar at the top find the screen you want to modify.

Then press the hammer icon in the middle of window, save the file in your keen4_mod_files folder and now you can conveniently edit it in a new window. All changes are represented visually. When you're done with editing click OK

Now close WDC and copy the TXT file you just created from your wdc/keen4_mod_files folder into the keen4mod/bmp folder (a description on how to use ModKeen can be found here). You'll have to manually find the corresponding TXT file that you want to replace with the new file.

As a last step import the bmp folder back into the executable using ModKeen.

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