Stone Krodacian

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Stone Krodacian
Stone Krodacian.png
Appears inThe Keys of Krodacia
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1 break stone / 1 stun / immortal
A Stone Krodacian just broken from its casing, next to another stone krodacian and a fully freed Krodacian

The Stone Krodacians are found in the Keen 4 mod The Keys of Krodacia by Ceilick.

Found in the secret Stone Temple, the Stone Krodacians get their name from often being mistaken for stone statues. In reality, they are Krodacians in deep meditation, training to become Krodacian Magi. This training requires the Krodacian to be covered with a concrete-like substance used to physically hold them in place. Krodacians cannot be broken from this state by their own will, but can be freed by the touch of another (or a shot from a neural stunner). Some Krodacians do not survive the meditative training and thus become real statues.

Should Keen wake a Stone Krodacian from this meditative state, it will fall from its stone casing, stunned for a moment, before chasing after Keen angrily for interrupting its training. Just like a normal Krodacian, the woken up Stone Krodacian can be temporarily stunned. Stone Temple is the only level where the Stone Krodacians appear.

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