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Appears inThe Keys of Krodacia
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1 stun / immortal

The Krodacians are a race of pink, squid-like beings from the planet Krodacia. They are responsible for building Mortimer McMire's Universal Toaster Canon in The Keys of Krodacia and are later deployed as Mortimer's genetically pliable soldiers in his bid for the universe's destruction in Battle of the Brains.

The official help text states:

These squid-like creatures are building Mortimer's Universal Toaster Canon. Watch out for them, they are fast and don't stay stunned for long!

In The Keys of Krodacia the Krodacians can be found in their homes and guarding the keys to Mortimer's base. They move at dangerous speeds on their tentacle-like feet and can be stunned for only a few seconds.

Although the Krodacians are out to stop Keen, they are not actually evil themselves (although not particularly friendly with outsiders either). Hidden away in a corner of the Milky Way, they were wary of strangers and initially resisted Mortimer McMire when he came to their planet. For unknown reasons, this resistance was short lived and, seeing them as a useful species for his purposes, Mortimer subdued and enslaved them by means of special wrist bands, similar to shock collars.

As McMire's influence over the Krodacians grew he began to alter them genetically. He bio-engineered two new breeds of Krodacians, the mass produced Krodacian Drones and the supremely powerful Krodacian Overlords. Unlike their enslaved counterparts, these altered Krodacians would be dutifully loyal to Mortimer.

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