Battle of the Brains

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Battle of the Brains
Battle of the Brains.png
Mod-ingame-Battle of the Brains.png
Modded episodeKeen 5
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Latest update2011-11-23
HomepageMODDB Page
Discussion(s)PCKF: Release Thread
PCKF: Discussion Thread
Keen: Modding
Number of levels15
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?Yes
Initial Version
(10 votes)
Other mods in this seriesThe Keys of Krodacia,
Dead in the Desert

Battle of the Brains, also known as Keen 9, is the third and final episode of the unofficial "The Universe is Toast" trilogy by Ceilick, with the bulk of the modding done by Ceilick, Mink and Tulip, with extensive patching by Levellass and Lemm. Work on the mod began shortly after the release of Dead in the Desert in 2009. It was released in February 2011.


The story continues where Dead in the Desert left off. After escaping the planet Calidune and being reuinted with his friends in the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket, Commander Keen learns of Mortimer McMire's plans to destroy a giant star and incinerating the universe. He also learns that Mortimer has a space station containing several transporters which can be used to teleport to distant worlds and locations. One of these transporters is heavily guarded and believed to lead to Mortimer himself. Keen must travel to four different worlds in order to activate the controls which unlock the doors to the final teleporter so that he can stop Mortimer before the universe is toast!

Level List

The Keen 9 World Map

From the HUB Command Center, Keen can get to several places: Shikadi's homeworld Shikadus I, ice planet Frosthool, Krodacian Genetics Station and mining planetoid Altaire Prime from which he can get to Mortimer's Backyard.



Rocket Pop.png
Rocket Pop
100 points
Juice Box.png
Juice Box
200 points
500 points
Corn Dog.png
Corn Dog
500 points
Frozen Yogurt.png
Frozen Yogurt
1000 points
Sprinkle Pastry.png
Sprinkle Pastry
2000 points
Stack O' Pancakes.png
Stack O' Pancakes
5000 points


Neural Stunner.png
Neural Stunner
More ammo
Unlock doors
Orb Cluster.png
Orb Cluster
Extra life
Required to open the gateways
Energy Orb.png
Energy Orb
Collect 100 to get an extra life


Fire Helix replacement
Radioactive Spiral.png
Radioactive Spiral
Fire Helix replacement
Krodacian Energy Swirl.png
Krodacian Energy Swirl
Fire Helix replacement
Crater Lamp.png
Crater Lamp
Fire Helix replacement
Energy Phasers.png
Energy Phasers
Phasers replacement
Ice Stalagmite.png
Ice Stalagmite
Tile-based hazard
Ice Stalagtite.png
Ice Stalagtite
Tile-based hazard
Mort Energy Cannon.png
Mort Energy Cannon
Laser cannon replacement
Energy Warpcore.png
Energy Warpcore
Not technically a hazard, but it kills Keen
Altaire Drill.png
Altaire Drill
Tile-based hazard


Track Length Title Composer Levels used
1 0:43 The Universe is Toast Genius314 the Universe
2 1:03 Shikadi Rock Pt. 2 Mr.M Hub Command Center
3 1:24 Shikadiville Mr.M Shivonia City
4 0:38 Jazz1 Genius314 Vitacorp
5 1:14 Gigawaht Mr.M Defense Tower Surth
6 0:56 Oragami Warrior XkyRauh Depleted Tunnels
7 1:16 Spaced Out Mr.M The Crater
8 0:24 Level 315 thehackercat Altaire Station
9 1:07 Reflections Mr.M Fort Yetisburg
10 1:53 Quantum Racing Kosmyn Jotundra Mountains
11 0:49 Airline: Backwater XkyRauh Frosthool Station
12 0:57 Void Umbrella Elevator Access Station
13 0:57 Alien Abduction Genius 314 The Krodacian Overlabs
14 0:39 Squeal XkyRauh Mortimer's Workshop
15 0:37 Into the Reactor Mr.M Defense Hall M, ending sequence
16 1:40 The Leaky Gremlin XkyRauh the Warpcore
17 0:42 Mischief thehackercat Game Over, Highscores
18 1:17 A Short Requiem for Mortimer McMire Mr.M Scrolling Story, Help Menu


Technical Information

Version Differences

Version 1 contains patching to disable cheats.

Version 2 is planned to contain:

  • Bug fixes
  • Cheats reenabled
  • Cybloog shot terminates when offscreen
  • Additional sun tiles
  • Musical modifications to reduce memory problems

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