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"gonna add keen mods and stuff" -- Me.

Currently, I'm working on 3 Keen 1 mods which have varying levels of complexity:

  • A puzzle centric mod started in 2018
  • A Keen 1 skin mod with all the graphics redrawn
  • ? ??? ???? ?????? (started in 2019)

On the back burner, I have:

  • A keen 1 mod (started in 2016, this was restarted like 3 times and might be restarted again. It was originally going to be part of a trilogy, but as it grew more complex I downgraded it to standalone)
  • A keen 2 mod (started in 2019, and won't have any patches other than text)
  • A keen 5 mod (which will be kind of a mix between all my abandoned galaxy mods, primarily my first modding attempt in 2014)

I also have dozens of abandoned projects made over the years, some of which I might release some day as well as incorporate into my newer projects.

Disclaimer: How long these mods have been in development might not be proportional to how large-scale they are. It might be proportional to how much motivation I have for the projects, though.

I was also in InsaLevs III and am currently part of a couple group projects.