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A map of Calidune, as seen in Dead in the Desert.
Planet Calidune as seen at the end of The Keys of Krodacia

Calidune is the planet that Keen was shot to at the end of The Keys of Krodacia, and where Dead in the Desert takes place. It is in a faraway corner of the universe, and is mainly Desert-like, with the exception of the Water District near the center of the planet.


There are various species that live on the planet Calidune, mostly Desert-Based on the surface, however in the water district many are based on water... and cleaning supplies. For more information on all of these, click here.

Topography (the land)

On the western portion of the known surface of the planet, sand covers the land. Major land forms include large dunes, forests of Cacti, and a giant red mountain. The Center of the surface of the planet is covered by massive cone-shaped red rock formations. These are impassible and completely separate the Water Destrict from the Desert. The only way between the two is an underground passage filled with lava. It may be a reference to the underworld- this is especially supported by the level Devil's Cavern. The only way to access this passage is through entrances in some of the Cone formations. The Water District is located on the Eastern portion of the visible surface of the planet. It consists of a large body of water (probably freshwater) that cuts through the desert. Underwater is a massive structure that is likely the working portion of the Water District. To get around this area, elevators are used. Notably, a submarine service runs through the body of water to get to the entrance to the Devil's Cavern. This replaced the satelite used in Keen 6 to get to the Blooglab Space Station.

For more information on these as Levels in the Game, click here.

Buildings and Architecture

There are few buildings on the planet except in the Water District, and these are modeled technollogically, except for the Hydro Palace.

Flora and Fauna

The only real Flora on the planet are cactii and seaweeds. The only fauna is mentioned above.

Other Significance

Calidune was the planet that Keen was beamed to by Mortimer McMire from Krodacia. It was to distract (and/or kill) Keen while Mortimer blew up the Universe.