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A map of Krodacia as seen in The Keys of Krodacia
Krodacia as seen at the end of The Keys of Krodacia

Krodacia is a distant planet in the Milky Way that is the setting of the Keen 4 mod, The Keys of Krodacia. It is three quarters the size of Earth and is the second out from its star. The majority of the surface is covered in purple grassland, forests of blue leafed trees and jumbo mushrooms, and freshwater lakes. It is home to several intelligent races, most prominently the Krodacians.

Krodacia has access to some technology familiar to both Earth and Vorticon VI which can be seen in the various fortifications, facilities, and residences. Despite these advances, the Krodacians remain largely submerged in the ways of 'magic' and mysticism. This cultural tendency can be observed in the Krodacian temples and aerial cities. During the events of Battle of the Brains, a space station built for genetic experimentation lies in orbit around the planet.

The Krodacians are the dominant race on the planet and divide themselves into two classes: the common Krodacians and the secretive Krodacian Magi. Other creatures of similar and lesser intelligence include the Fat Monks, Magifly, Patsys, and Brombo. With the exception of the Brombo, all of these creatures play a part in Krodacian society.

In The Keys of Krodacia, Mortimer McMire lured Commander Keen here as part of a ruse involving a device known as the Universal Toaster Canon to keep Keen busy while he prepared to destroy the universe.