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Appears inThe Keys of Krodacia
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatimmortal

The Brombo are a race of creatures in the Keen 4 mod The Keys of Krodacia by Ceilick. Native to the planet Krodacia, but small in number, the Brombo can generally be found in the high places on the planet (although they have been known to wander down to the lower regions). Physically strong but incapable of any practical movement, the Brombo have had their lower torsos technologically enhanced to hover on a jet fueled ball of blue flame. In addition to this technological enhancement, they carry deadly gas grenades with them everywhere they go and throw them at pretty much anything that comes near. Especially tough, designed to kill, and immune to Keen's Neural Stunner, they are a dangerous enemy to encounter.

The official help text states:

These creatures wander the hills outside Krodacian homes. Watch out for their gas bombs, they're ready to throw them at anything that moves!

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