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Appears inBattle of the Brains
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatImmortal

Cybloogs are creatures in Battle of the Brains. They are cybernetically enhanced Bloogs and they serve as shock troopers in Mortimer's Army. These Bloogs are protected by a special type of armor that makes them immune to the effects of the Neural Stunner. They carry special blasters that are powered by a Meep on their back. These blasters fire powerful sound waves that will travel through walls, making them dangerous opponents.

An interesting glitch causes them to face one way, but shoot the other. This sometimes occurs when you jump over its head and shoot, or when it senses you in one part, but you suddenly move some other way. This might also apply to the Robo Red, but that's unlikely.

It is no surprise that this enemy's concept was derived from Keen GBC's Robo Bloog (the entire bottom half of the Cybloog is basically a recolored Robo Bloog bottom). Their weaponry is also suspiciously similar bursts of energy...

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