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Initial release
Latest update2010-03-21
Development statusFinished
Tool TypeText Editor
Engine(s)Keen:Vorticons, Keen:Galaxy, Keen:Dreams
Discussion(s)K:M Discussion Thread
DownloadStartext v.0.8.1 newest

Startext is a patching utility written by Levellass to facilitate creating patchfiles. Text patches to change the level names or Yorp messages for example can be automatically created by utilizing a basic command line interface. It also automatically creates unique patches, such as allowing a Yorp message in every level.

Though basic, it attempts to detect and prevent common patch errors, such as running out of text space (Space left is displayed and if possible, extra space is used.) or lines that 'exceed width' (Window size is patchable often and the text is automatically parsed, also allowing a modder to see roughly what the text window will look like.)

Startext supports Keen 1-3 version 1.31, Keen Dreams version 1.13 and Keen 4-6 version 1.4

Vorticons Features

  • Automatically moves text to extra space if it is too large, allows arbitrarily long text patches in many cases
  • Patches text pointers to make best use of existing space
  • A Yorp message ine very level (Even for 32 level patch)
  • Up to 14 Vorticon Elder messages
  • Up to 8 random BWB messages (Keen 3)

Galaxy Features

  • Patch level names and entrance texts
  • Patch the 'star wars' story
  • Up to 16 Oracle saved replies

Keen Dreams

  • Level names (Beta)

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