Krodacian Drone

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Krodacian Drone
Krodacian Drone.png
Appears inBattle of the Brains
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1

Krodacian Drones are similar to the Krodacians found on the planet Krodacia but are noticably weaker and lack the muscular physique of their terrestrial counterparts. They appear in nearly all the stages of Battle of the Brains with the exception of the Shikadi home world, Shikadus I, and The Warpcore. The Krodacian Drones are mass produced for Mortimer McMire's purposes in The Krodacian Overlabs and other similar facilities . The Krodacians and the Shikadi appear to be in a conflict of sorts since they are only ever seen together in Defense Hall M, likely teaming up in a last ditch effort to stop Commander Keen.

From a technical standpoint, the Krodacian Drone is a patched goplat which has been given a similar behavior to that of the Korath.

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