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IMF Creator
IMF Creator.png
Initial release
Latest update2017-12-10
Development statusFinished
Programming languageVisual Basic / Python
PlatformWindows XP, 7-10, (source code on github)
Tool TypeAudio Editor
DownloadIMF Creator v. newest

IMF Creator is a Windows program by Adam Biser released in 2004 that will convert MIDI music into the IMF files which the Keen Galaxy engine uses.

In addition to converting the music files, it can also be used to import instruments from BNK, CMF, IBK, IMF, RAD, and SBI files. The program has several additional features including support for modifying tempo, detecting pitchbends, and custom instrument creation.

See Also

  • IMF Player as the name suggest: an IMF Player.
  • imfplay as the name suggest: another IMF Player.
  • IMF2WAV converts any IMF file to Wave format.
  • IMF2MIDI converts IMF songs into MIDI files.
  • MIDI2IMF converts MIDI songs into IMF files.
  • DRO2MIDI improved program based on IMF2MIDI
  • DRO2IMF converts DRO files to IMF files.
  • IMFCrush reduces the file size + converts IMF songs to a different rate and/or format.