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Initial release
Development statusfinished
Tool TypeAudio Editor
Engine(s)Keen:Galaxy (any raw IMF file)
Discussion(s)Google Groups
Downloadv.1.0 newest

IMF2MIDI is a is a DOS command line program that converts IMF music such as that used in Keen, into standard type-0 MIDI files. It has largely been superceded by DRO2MIDI (which despite its name can also convert IMF files.)


As IMF music is 100% synthesised, converting the notes into their MIDI equivalents is relatively easy, but choosing the correct MIDI instruments is not. Most of the time this requires a good deal of trial and error, and the final MIDIs will always sound different than the IMFs for this reason. This is not to say the conversion doesn't work, it just sounds quite different.

The program matches each IMF instrument to the nearest .REG instrument in the local directory. So, if you're not getting decent output, try creating new .REG files.


imf2midi source.imf destination.mid
  • source.imf - The IMF file that you want to convert.
  • destination.mid - The name of the MIDI file you want to create.

See Also

IMF format specs on the ModdingWiki

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  • imfplay as the name suggest: another IMF Player.
  • IMF2WAV converts any IMF file to Wave format.
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