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IMF Player
IMF Player.png
Initial release
Latest update2020-05-10
Development statusFinished
Tool TypeIMF Player
Engine(s)Keen:Galaxy (any raw IMF file)
Discussion(s)PCKF Discussion Thread
DownloadIMF Player v.1.3 (Source Code included) newest

The IMF Player is a DOS program created by K1n9_Duk3. It is based on the Apogee Sound System (ASS) and Wolfenstein 3-D (W3D). Its purpose is to playback IMF songs.

This player will also analyze the IMF commands and display which channels are currently playing notes and which channels are disabled.


IMFPLAY <filename> [rate]

The rate parameter is optional. It defines how many times per second new commands are sent to the AdLib FM chip. The default rate is 560. You can use the + and - keys to change the rate while the song is being played.


This is a DOS program that plays IMF music on an actual AdLib FM chip. If your computer doesn't have an AdLib chip, use the DOSBox emulator ( to run this program.

  • WARNING: When this program was tested with Windows 98, emulated through Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, it froze after loading the main screen. After quitting/rebooting to DOS mode, it ran perfectly fine on the same virtual machine. On a real Pentium-S 200 MHz, the program ran perfectly fine under Windows 98 and in DOS mode.

In its current implementation, the IMF player does not suffer from the same 64K limits as the playback routines in the original DOS games. Any raw IMF file can be played, as long as there is enough memory available to load the file.

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