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GameThe Keys of Krodacia
Level number4
LocationPlanet Krodacia
CollectiblesKey to Universal Toaster Canon
Total points83,200
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + [[Available ammo::5 x Neural Stunner]] individual shots
Extra lives1
Song"Keen Rushin'"
Map of Mansion

Mansion is the fourth level in The Keys of Krodacia. Like the name implies, the level is one big mansion, using poles and doors as a means to get to each room of the mansion. The rooms are all well furnished and creatures are abound to prevent Keen from obtaining one of the keys needed to open the Universal Toaster Canon. Other than Slime Temple and Slime Lake, this is the only level containing a slime pool, in a bathtub. Also, it appears a Fat Monk got tired of being locked away in Monk's House all the time and decided to float around here in the Mansion. Other creatures you will encounter here are the Patsy, Slurple, Hipalong, and Krodacian.

Lt. Barker from the Vorticon Special Forces, who has been ordered to help you find the keys, can be found in this level, with a helpful hint:

You can get a Swim Coin in Monk's House. Good Luck Commander Keen!

Miscellaneous info

  • There are no less than 83,200 points to be collected. That means 38 Krodacian Sodas, 47 Blue Peppermints, 14 Chocolate Bars, 9 Sugar Cubes, 12 Burgers and 6 Strawberry Jellos (3,800 + 9,400 + 7,000 + 9,000 + 24,000 + 30,000 = 83,200). The total of gems is 38, and there's a single 1-UP hidden in an alcove.
  • The "Please wash your hands" sign contains a typo in here: it reads "Plase wash your hands".
  • Ceilick's name can be found written in the bottom part of this level.