Swim Coin

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Swim Coin
Swim Coin.png
Appears inThe Keys of Krodacia
Point valueN/A
Ammo valueN/A
Acts as keycard?It DOES grant you access to another part of the Game
Gives life?No
Keen Finds the Swim Coin in the Monk's House.

The Swim Coin is a collectible in the Keen 4 mod The Keys of Krodacia. Next to the Complex there is a shoreline to a Krodacian lake. The lake is closed off and there is a sign written in the Standard Galactic Alphabet that reads, "Swim Coin needed". Lt. Barker from the Vorticon Special Forces, who has been ordered to help you find the keys, can be found in the Mansion, with a helpful hint:

You can get a Swim Coin in Monk's House. Good Luck Commander Keen!

Unlike the other levels in the game, where you either need to find the exit or a key to the Universal Toaster Canon, obtaining the Swim Coin in Monk's House completes the level. Once you have possession of the item, you can enter the lake and swim to three new levels Cliff Hanger, Shoal and Reef. Since two of these three levels contain two of seven keys needed, the Swim Coin and the level it is found in are essential to completing the game.