Galaxy Defender

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Galaxy Defender
Galaxy Defender.png
Mod-ingame-Galaxy Defender.png
Modded episodeKeen 4
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Number of levels2
Secret levels0
New gameplay?Yes
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?Yes
(one vote)

Galaxy Defender is a Keen 4 mod released by Dr. Colossus on Keen Day 2017, inspired by a few mockups of a crossover between Major Stryker and Commander Keen that were posted by Roobar on April Fools 2014. It started out as a GameMaker game (with a demo released on April Fools 2016) before transitioning into a Keen 4 mod.[1] Galaxy Defender is notable for featuring an auto scrolling space-shooter style gameplay.


The gameplay is patched to play like Major Stryker. The BwB, which is controlled by Keen, automatically goes forward and shoots two shots frequently as he goes through one level set in space. The player can either speed up the BwB or slow it down and also steer it. Throughout Keen's flight, there are obstacles that will blow up the BwB at contact, with some enemies firing projectiles at the rocket. The BwB can shoot down most of these obstacles and even background buildings (which is only a cosmetic thing in the latter's case and doesn't affect gameplay).

At the end of the level is a fast food space station known as Monolith Burger. Upon reaching there, Keen orders some food from the place and then the game ends abruptly.



Technical Information

  • No defined story
  • Graphics: new graphics by Dr. Colossus and Roobar
  • Levels: 2 levels, 1 unreachable level (High Scores screen), 1 world map (landing space)
  • Tools used: Unknown


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