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Hi, my name is CK Guy. I am a long-time Commander Keen fan. I played Commander Keen from as early as I can remember until probably '98 or '99. I rediscovered Keen in 2002 after getting my grandmother's old Windows 3.1 computer (which I ran in DOS 90% of the time). I joined the PCKF on September 7, 2003, and then joined Keen: Modding on October 14, 2003, and the KeenWiki on January 30, 2007. I am currently active in all three of these. My projects include a Keen 5 level pack, the Keen: Galaxy tile property modding tool (Ck456Tli), a Windows-based Keen: Vorticons level editor (Mindbelt), and a quick utility to simulate Carmack compression for Keen: Galaxy levels to speed up the level editing cycle (Instant Carma!). In (rather stalled) development is a Keen: Galaxy editor. I will be releasing a small--but hopefully useful--modding utility as part of the "Keen Day 2008" celebrations. I also contributed a level to the Keen 2 Level Competition and made a Keen 3 level a long time ago that I think is on Beyond the Pogo somewhere, but I have a later version of it buried somewhere on my computer.

Apart from Keening, I also enjoy miscellaneous programming projects, reading science fiction books, and watching David Lynch films. I am a freshman at Dartmouth College, where I plan on majoring in mathematics and/or computer science.

edit: Oh My Goodness. This is embarrassingly out-of-date. Talking about Keen Day 2008 in the future tense. I need to update this at some point maybe. (KeenGrout)

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