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Initial release
Latest update2007-12-31
Development statusFinished
Programming languageEuphoria 3.1.1
PlatformWindows XP, 7-10, Linux via Wine
Tool TypeLevel Editor
Discussion(s)K:M Discussion Thread
DownloadMindbelt v.1.3 newest
(Source Code included) Mirror

Mindbelt (known during early beta versions as CKludge) is a level editor for the Keen: Vorticons trilogy, written by CK Guy. It was developed rather quickly, reaching version 1.0 in under 6 months. It has already surpassed all other level editors in terms of features, usability, and stability. The current version is 1.3, released on December 31, 2007. It is designed to run natively in 32-bit Windows environments, although it has been reported to work properly in Linux under the WINE compatibility layer.

It was designed initially to combine the best features of KeenWright and TED5, while adding in a few features not found in either editor, such as inserting a new row or column anywhere in the level. Gradually, other features were added, such as zooming and easy creation of bridge/teleport links and SGA signs. More recent and powerful addition include the so-called "magic tool" / "automagic mode." These help in situations when where different tiles are used for, say, the top, bottom, left, right, the four corners, and the interior of a certain type of floor.

The upcoming release (version 1.4) should complete the process begun a few releases ago of completely separating the editor from any episode-specific information. All information pertaining to a particular episode is instead placed in external script files, which can be modified by the user to customize the editor for the mod. In fact, with the correct script files, Mindbelt will edit Dangerous Dave (and other games with the same engine) levels just as well as Keen's.


Here is a semi-complete list of salient features:

  • Grid mode
  • Tile search mode
  • Zooming in/out
  • Level stats screen
  • Inserting/deleting rows/columns
  • Copying/pasting rectangular blocks of tiles, with
    • Paste overlay mode
    • Snap paste mode
  • Block fill tool
  • Flood fill tool
  • Automatic link creation
  • SGA sign creation
  • Magic tool/automagic mode