Commander Cool 1: Where's My Bears?

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Commander Cool 1: Where's My Bears?
Commander Cool 1- Where's My Bears.png
Mod-ingame-Commander Cool 1- Where's My Bears.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Cool
Release date
Latest update2022-05-01
Discussion(s)full version, public beta
Number of levels16
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Some
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
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Commander Cool 1: Where's My Bears is a Keen 1 mod released by TheBigV for Keen Day 2021. A public beta was released a year prior. It features the titular character going to Mars to rescue 4 of his teddy bears that were stolen by Martians.


Kris Cruz lives in a suburb in the state of Wisconsin, USA. His family had moved there a few years ago. Shortly after Kris moved to the neighborhood he met Billy Blaze, a genius and inventor only a bit older than him. For one of his birthdays, he made a device that made his teddy bears sentient. Kris had been fascinated with Billy's inventions since, and wanted to imitate him.

One morning, Kris is woken up by his teddy bear, Brownie. "Kris! Kris! The other teddy bears were kidnapped by Martians, but I managed to escape."

"Martians?" Kris said. "If they're on Mars then how are we going to get them back?"

Suddenly Kris had an idea. "Wait! I know! Our neighbor, Billy Blaze, has a rocket! Maybe he can go to Mars and get the bears back!"

After breakfast, Kris takes a trip to Billy's house. Billy's mother directs him to the clubhouse/workshop in their backyard.

"Billy, I need your help," Kris said.

"What is it?" Billy answered.

"Martians have taken my teddy bears! Could you please rescue them?"

"Sorry, I'd help, but there's a galactic emergency right now!"

Kris was distressed. "But then how am I going to get them back? I can't just go to Mars myself!"

"Well, I wouldn't say 'can't'. Hm..." Billy looked thoughtful, "you seem like a responsible dude. I can give you a little assistance."

Opening a drawer, Billy revealed a set of blueprints.

"These are the design plans for my very own Megarocket. If you promise to be very careful, you can borrow these to build your own."

Kris became excited. "Could I, really? Thanks so much!" He reverently accepted the plans.

Billy gave Kris a few last-minute directions, "Okay, I recommend the junkyard for parts. Wear a helmet, avoid the two-eyed martians, and lock the ship when you get out."

With that, Billy jumped into his own ship and blasted off to take care of the previously mentioned galactic emergency.

After watching the sky a bit, Kris carefully folds the plans and heads home to start constructing his starship.

Hours later...

Kris Cruz, six year-old rocket enthusiast, working diligently in his backyard has followed plans for an interstellar starship designed by Commander Keen. After collecting parts from the local junkyard and assembling them, Kris jumps into the ship, dons his BMX bike helmet, and transforms into...

COMMANDER COOL--defender of teddy bears!

In his ship, the Beam-and-Beacon Megarocket, Cool dispenses cuddly justice for all teddy bears!



No images of this mod's items have been uploaded yet!

  • Commander Cool 1 - Where's My Bears - Cookie.png
    One of Commander Cool's teddy bears.
  • Commander Cool 1 - Where's My Bears - Cuddles.png
    One of Commander Cool's teddy bears.
  • Commander Cool 1 - Where's My Bears - George.png
    One of Commander Cool's teddy bears.
  • Commander Cool 1 - Where's My Bears - Howdy.png
    One of Commander Cool's teddy bears.