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Cerebral Cortex 314 was the first large-scale Internet webpage to deal with the subject of Commander Keen.[1]


Cerebral Cortex 314 (cc314) was founded by Geoff Sims on June 14, 1997 under the name Geoff's Commander Keen Page and hosted by Sims' local ISP, First Link Internet Services. Sims has stated that his aim in creating this webpage was 'to collect all the information available about Keen, and put it together in a nice, organised website.'[2] After a short time, the entire site was given a facelift and renamed Cerebral Cortex 314. Cerebral Cortex 314 was organized into various sections such as Encyclopedia, Downloads, and The Future (discussing the future of the Commander Keen series, both officially and unofficially) and provided a large amount of information, screenshots, and downloads related to Commander Keen. To compliment his website, Geoff Sims founded the Public Commander Keen Forum, the further history of which is detailed on its KeenWiki page.

After about two years of maintaining cc314, Sims would tire of the constant e-mails requesting site updates and help circumventing the copy protection of Commander Keen 6.[3] The site was passed on to Thea Gregory, who took over ownership on September 12, 1999, and soon moved the site from Sims' ISP host to Crosswinds.net. The stay on Crosswinds.net, however, was quite short and within the year Gregory would move Cerebral Cortex 314 to its host for the next nine years, ClassicGaming.

Gregory would realize that she wasn't committed enough to the site to keep it up to date.[4] The site was then passed on to the final administrators: Cho'gall (Tore Stubhaug), eK (Ben Cruz) and Flaose (Dave Allen).

Current Site

The three new administrators completely redesigned Cerebral Cortex 314, giving it a new look and feel. Navigation was simplified with the use of a constant sidebar and (originally, for lower resolution versions of the webpage) a topbar. The HTML and CSS programming of this new site was done mostly by Cho'gall (with Flaose working on various small details) and the art was created by eK. The new version of Cerebral Cortex 314 went live on September 10, 2000, relegating the former site to an archived status.[5]

This site was consistently updated from its launch on September 10, 2000 until its final "official" update on January 10, 2005. However, there have been updates to the site's back-end (to streamline the HTML and improve compatibility in current web browsers) as late as June 2009[6]

In May 2009 ClassicGaming announced to its hosted websites that it would no longer be able to offer web hosting services and as such the hosted web sites would soon be removed from the ClassicGaming servers.[7] In response to this Cerebral Cortex 314 was moved on October 14, 2009 to its current home on shikadi.net.

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Note: dates before September 10, 2000 were retrieved via Internet Archive.