Foray In The Cherry Blossom Forest

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Foray In The Cherry Blossom Forest
Foray In The Cherry Blossom Forest.png
Fangame-ingame-Foray In The Cherry Blossom Forest.png
StatusIn development
Created withKEENGINE
Release date2017-09-09
Discussion(s)PCKF discussion thread
Secret levels0
DownloadDemo v0.1.3
Demo v0.1.2

Foray In The Cherry Blossom Forest is a fan-made project made with KEENGINE. Currently it has 5 levels (3 playable, 1 world map and 1 hi-scores). It is inspired by Nisaba's work and uses some graphics from her Commander Keen mod Foray in the Forest. It also uses some modified graphics from The Lion King and adds some new. Although it shares some of the FITF mod graphics, the levels and the story are completely different.


Small forest creatures with fur in different colors. These sleepy fellows are not much of a threat, but you should still avoid touching them.

Level Maps

Release History

Version 1.3 (19.01.2020): Yet another small update

  • Updated KEENGINE to v0.63.0
  • You can now enter the spaceship level
  • New level added (under construction)
  • New music track and few new sounds
  • New graphics (2 new backgrounds, new tileset, new butterfly, additional tiles)
  • A few level1 tweaks and graphic fixes
  • A few actors fixes
  • Updated the help menu, so the game now feels more complete

Version 1.2 (26.05.2019): This version brings mostly "under the hood" new features and fixes.

  • Updated KEENGINE to v0.62.3. With this update it is now possible to add features similar to what Planet Cloudius IX offers and it paves the way for new possibilities in the future.
  • Paddle war updated.
  • Added sound effects for the waterfalls.
  • Several small changes and fixes in the map.
  • Updated several pick-up items.
  • Several new sounds added.
  • Stunner now gives you 5 ammo instead of 8.
  • Cheat codes can now be activated by pressing A+2+Enter.

Version 1.1:

  • Now with high scores and new music track.
  • Appropriate demo.
  • Several tile fixes and level adjustments. Better for speedruns.

Version 1.0:

  • Initial release.

More by Roobar

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