Return of the Vorticons

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Return of the Vorticons
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Created withThe Games Factory
Release date
Number of levelsUnknown
Secret levelsUnknown
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Mortimer's Revenge Episode I - Return of the Vorticons is an abandoned fangame created by StupidBunny (also known as KeegTech) with The Games Factory. After stopping work on it, he released it a couple of years later in July 2007. In this platform game, the player controls either Commander Keen or Norp. The controls for both characters are identical.

Keen and Norp travel to Mars to celebrate the latter's birthday. On Mars, however, they are confronted by two Vorticon Elite, who reveal that the Vorticons are still under Mortimer McMire's power and that the rewarding of the Big V was a scheme. The heroes also learn that Mortimer keeps a bomb in a secret base, which is capable of destroying the universe. After dealing with the Vorticon Elite, Keen and Norp intend to return to Vorticon VI, only to find the scattered remains of the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket.

Return of the Vorticons also includes a Breakout-style minigame named Rocketball.