Spork II: Escape from Dula 9

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Spork II: Escape from Dula 9
Created withClick & Create
Release date2000-05-29
Secret levels0
Downloadfull version
Other games in this seriesSpork I: Robot's Revenge, Spork III: Code of the Sporkia

Spork Trilogy Episode II: Ecape from Dula 9 is a fangame by Slasher made with Click'n'Create. It is the sequel to Spork I and has the same game mechanics. This time there is a Space Invaders minigame included in the menu. The background graphics have changed a bit towards high colour and rendered graphics. As a gameplay element switches have been added, some of them need keycards to operate.

Similar to Spork I, this game also constists of 9 levels which can be grouped into three game sections, at Level 3, 6, and 9 Keen faces a boss. The second section of levels takes place outside the space station, showing Keen in a space suit. Movement speed is severely reduced in these levels.

There is a highscore list but no point items to get in the levels, and there is no game over when Keen runs out of lives.


Keen escaped from Dula 9, moments before it was hit with a nasty hang over, and self destructed. He flew through the cosmos, knowing that he, and he alone needed to stop the Kalorkian invasion. Just as he was about to open a hypergate, his Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket suddenly jerked, and stopped. A strange, mysterious voice spoke to Keen.

"Hello? Is this thing on? It is? Oh, well, very good then.

"Uhm, this is outpost 148. Please identify if you are robot, or human."

"Er-I'm a potato," Keen said, not sure if the voice was robot or human or alien.

"Potatoes don't talk. Are you sure you're a potato?"

"Oh, yes. Quite sure. See, I'm not moving. That means I'm a potato," Keen replied.

"Hmm. It's true that potatoes do not move. There is no denying this. Why once, I saw this potato that just sat there for hours. Played a good hand of poker that potato did. Oh-wai. My scans say you're human. Hold on a moment."

Keen'S ship was pulled into a hangar bay via tractor beam, wher several tiny robots took him out of his ship. Several large robots (remember Keen's only 3 feet tall) walked up to Keen.

"Buzzz. You have been invited to watch the Galaxy Squad compete for the ring. Buzzz," a robot told Keen.

"The galaxy squad? Sounds like fun. What game are they playing?" Keen asked.

"Buzzz. Kill the stupid human fool with an IQ of 314 and wears his brothers helmet."

"That sounds like a larf. Where am I sitting? VIP seat no doubt. Oh- you mean me. Well, this is just great, isn't it?" Keen asked himself.

The large robot picked Keen up, and dragged him into the first arena.

"Sparks, plugs, and Handy Toolz, I welcome you to this amazing event. Today, the galaxy squad will be beating up an eight year-old human! Doesn't that sound cool? To be fair, we'll give the human a running start. The first arena is a recreation of a mine, with lots of dangerous hazards. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!"


Spider: Spiders crawl all over the mines, doing simple tasks that most would not wish to be bothered with.
Drill Guy: The Drill Guys are the ones that make all the tunnels you will find in the mining field.
Flying Nun: This robot is mainly ther to destroy any debris that hits the hull of the outpost. To do this, it flies by every fifteen seconds, and drops bombs on the hull.
Floater: The floater goes around the outside of the outpost, welding holes with its 2000 degree tasers.
Maintenance Bot II: You may remember this fellow in the last Spork game, and now he's back. With guns. And heavy armour.
Blastor: First member of the Galaxy Squad.
Jazzy: Flying member of the Galaxy Squad.
Destructo: Last member of the Galaxy Squad. All three members of the Galaxy Squad take 20 shots to kill.


  • Level 1 Mining Tunnels: bigbuff
  • Level 2 Cargo Transportation: matrix
  • Level 3 Arena 1: johndumb
  • Level 4 Air Lock: peewee
  • Level 5 Outer Hull: puppy
  • Level 6 Arena 2: ladeda
  • Level 7 Hangar Bay: cowsmell
  • Level 8 Hangar Bay (Cont.): ducky
  • Level 9 Arena 3: (No password)