Spork I: Robot's Revenge

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Spork I: Robot's Revenge
Created withClick & Create
Release date2000-02-14 (demo)
2000-04-09 (full version)
Secret levels0
Downloadfull version
Other games in this seriesSpork II: Escape from Dula 9, Spork III: Code of the Sporkia

Spork Trilogy Episode 1: Robot's Revenge is a fangame created by Slasher aka. Corey with Click'n'Create. It features original 3D cutscenes. It has the same engine Bacteri-Yuk uses, so there's no saving and loading, but a password for every level.

The game itself is designed in similar graphical style than the Keen Galaxy Series, and Keen appears with ripped Keen 4 graphics. Keen does not have a Pogo stick, nor can he climb ledges. The game is divided in three sections, each consisting of three levels. Levels 3, 6 and 9 are thus boss levels where Keen has to face a difficult task and some sort of boss monster. The second section of levels are underwater levels similar in gameplay to Well of Wishes. The third section lets you move though the levels on a motorbike.

Keen can collect Neural Stunners for extra ammo, and a point item looking like Keens head from the Keen 4-6 message boxes awarding for 1000 points. Another way to collect points is to run over crates with the motorbike awarding for 50 points


It was just a regular day. A day like any other day. Boy genius, Billy Blaze, was doing a routine systems check on his newly built space station, Dula 9.

As he was checking the anti-matter pulse converters, here was a giant KABOOM! sound, followed by several tiny explosions everywhere. Commander Keen felt something slam into his back, followed by the oblivion feeling of unconciousness.

When Keen awoke, he was strapped to a wall in the airlock surrounded by a number of drone robots. Keen strained his ears, only to hear the robot's uttering, "Kill Captain Keen. Kill Captain Keen."

"Captain Keen...? Captain Keen!? IT'S COMMANDER KEEN!!!!"

Keen broke free of his chains, wildly shooting at the robots.


Drone: These little dome headed fellas are found all over the space station. They're used for different types of maintenance work.
Swimmer: Swimmers go through the pipes, dematerializing all gunk in the pipes. Note: You are considered gunk to them!
Plasma Charge: Through a miracle of science, tiny bursts of plasma are given life! Unfortunately, they are deadly to touch.
Tank: Some of those are faced in the first boss level, and Keen has to shoot each 5 or up to 20 times to complete the level.
Submarine: This is the second boss and is defeated in the same manner as the Vorticon Commander
Hammerhead: This is the last boss enemy of this game.


  • Level 1 Air Lock: hahduck
  • Level 2 Green Room: idsux
  • Level 3 Security Center: ckrules
  • Level 4 Pipe System: banana
  • Level 5 Tunnels: crackers
  • Level 6 Sewer: ionstorm
  • Level 7 Tech Center: vapors
  • Level 8 Testing Zone: iluvkeen
  • Level 9 Construction Zone: helium