Das Viva

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Das Viva
Das Viva.png
Fangame-ingame-Das Viva.png
Author(s)Commander Spleen
Created withClick & Create
Release date2004
Secret levelsUnknown

Das Viva is a Minigame released by Commander Spleen in 2004. You play as the flying Viva from Keen 6. You move it using the arrow keys, and fly pushing the ctrl-key repeatedly. The goal is to rescue all of the non flying Vivas. To do so you have to get a Raindrop. Beware of Viva-Eating-Plants hanging from the ceiling. There are switches to open doors. Push "up" to use such a switch when flying in front of it. The game features 2 levels that can be done in a few minutes.

The game is compiled neatly with no major bugs. To run, however, you need the file cncs32.dll placed in the game directory. This file is not included in the .zip provided, but can be downloaded from the internet.