The Dopefish Challenge

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The Dopefish Challenge
The Dopefish Challenge.png
Fangame-ingame-The Dopefish Challenge.png
Created withThe Games Factory
Release date2001-12-02
HomepageFan Made Games
Secret levels0

The Dopefish Challenge is a fangame by Beowulf, created with The Games Factory. It is unprotected, and thus it can be opened with either TGF, Click & Create, or their successors.


This is a very simple game where the player controls a Dopefish, who must evade the incoming Underwater Mines (which move from right to left in a subtle wave) for 60 seconds. On occasion, a famous video game character will float by, whom can be eaten by the Dopefish. As the time ticks closer to zero, both the Dopefish and mines speed up. In fact, the mines will move at such breakneck speeds near the end that the player will have to pay close attention and react very quickly.

Once the time is up, the player will be rewarded (despite the promise in the title screen that there would be none) with a screen showing one message selected randomly out of three. If all five video game characters are gobbled up, however, then a unique message will appear instead. If the Dopefish ever collides with a mine, then the Dopefish will mock the player with one out of 11 messages.


Ordered by when they appear from first to last: