Journey to the Centre of Mars

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Journey to the Centre of Mars
Journey to the Centre of Mars.png
Fangame-ingame-Journey to the Centre of Mars.jpg
Created withGame Maker
Release date2011-02-14
Secret levels4

Journey to the Centre of Mars is a Jump`n`run Engine inspired by the first Keen trillogy 2011 by Hagel. It is written with Game Maker 7 Lite by Mark Overmars, so anybody could modify it.

It is yet published in Version 0.9 as a fully playable game that only lacks a few tweaks until its final release, which is planned to be on 14 of March 2011 (on this Date the source files as well will be put online).

The name is an allusion to Jules Vernes Story "Journey to the Centre of Earth"; Although your main goal in the game isn`t despite former plans to reach the centre of mars but to leave the planet the name was still kept for the reference.

In the game you're a reckless young scientist who tried to prove his ingenuity by travelling to the red planet on his own. Unfortunately your spaceship got damaged during the landing and you have to acquire 4 special objects in order to repair it.

On your voyage across the surface of mars you will encounter diffenrent types of aliens, such as the goofy morps, the crazy moonies, merciless mars beasts, and the vile lepantropes.

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