Commander Keen 2000

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Commander Keen 2000
Fangame-ingame-Commander Keen 2000.png
Created withKlik & Play
Release date1998-11-24
Secret levels1
(Hungarian Translation)
Other games in this seriesCommander Keen 3000, Commander Keen 3000: Friend or Foe?

Commander Keen 2000 was the first ever Commander Keen fangame, finished by A.R. on November 24, 1998. Although NetKeen was released a year earlier, CK2000 was the first complete fan-made Keen game. Despite this, it is a whole lot better than a lot of ones made later. Most of the graphics are ripped, but there's some new ones too, such as the giant chicken boss in the middle of the game.

The game doesn't scroll and has very buggy movement; it is of a reasonable difficulty and set the standards for other fangames.

An optional Hungarian translation was released in 2010 by Szemigi.

Level Maps


Most passwords are found in-game by either touching Checkpoint Charlie, defeating a boss, or in a story sequence. Passwords that aren't hinted at within the game are marked with an asterisk.

  • Level 6: frozen
  • Level 13: moo cow
  • *Level 14: boo
  • Level 18: pigeons
  • Level 25: garfield
  • Level 27: vampires
  • Level 30: article
  • Level 34: applepie
  • Level 42: sensors
  • Level 47: rayguns
  • *Level 55: iloveyou
  • Level 56: revenge
  • Level 60: enigma
  • *Sound Test: sndtest


  • Pressing F9 in most levels will make you skip to the next level. The levels where this cheat has no effect are: 6, 7, 28, 29, 47, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 60, 61, and 62
  • Pressing PgUp in some levels causes an effect, depending on the level, as seen in the table below:
Level No. Effect
1 Skip to level 8
3 Replace song with Born to Be Wild
4 Grant 10 extra lives
5 Grant 50,000 points
6 Keen's pants falls down, revealing his underwear, and then rolls back up (must be out of water for this to work)
7 Replace all sodas with Cuban cigars
9 Spawn a bouncing smiley face at the top middle of the level, which leaves a doughnut every second
10 Warp back to level 1
14 Spawn the four main characters from South Park, who just stand and do nothing, while one of whom gets impaled by the lone spike
30 Although the cheat is programmed to play a sound in this level, said sound seems to be either entirely mute or nonexistent
37 Make a love message appear, which reveals that the game is dedicated to Ashley
46 Grant 1,300 points and make Keen's head grow, explode, and grow back, which can make him fall through the ground