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Release date
Discussion(s)2009 discussion
Number of levels7
Secret levels0
Downloadnewest (shareware)
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Mopsy is a German shareware game released by K.U.S. Software in 1993. It could be considered a Keen fangame (and thus the first) in a loose sense, as Billy Blaze is mentioned in the story, and the first level is heavily based off of Border Town (going as far as to include Pat Pats). Also, the setting is said to be the Blaze family's house. Beyond the first level, however, there's nothing resembling the Keen universe; the location could easily be seen as some nondescript house. Interestingly, the main character heavily resembles a Lemming, especially the male variant.

If the game hangs up after the gender selection screen, then it may be necessary to either use a different Sound Blaster card or not use one at all. In DOSBox, the Sound Blaster settings can be found by going to the DOSBox directory and then running DOSBox x.xx Options.bat. Once the configuration file is pulled up, one should look for sbtype and set that to a different value (e.g. sbtype=none). Alternatively, some DOSBox forks have better sound compatibility with Mopsy, such as DOSBox-X.


The player plays as Mopsy in a typical platformer style. When first starting the game, the player can choose Mopsy to be a girl (Miss M. FAIR) or a boy (Mr M. Cool). Unlike Keen, Mopsy has health (represented by smiley faces), which can be drained by many sorts of dangers, including falls from great heights. Also, there are infinite lives. Mopsy doesn't have any sort of weapons, nor a pogo.

The levels are connected to each other adjacently through doors and can be re-entered. Several doors always require a single-use key each, while other doors are locked by computers that need specific codes, although such codes can only be gotten by registering the game (which seems to be no longer possible). Only seven levels (out of what is said to be at least 20) can be explored without using codes. The player can press F4 to bring up a map of the house, which shows Mopsy's current location.


Billy Blaze owns a doll named Mopsy, who comes to life when left alone. Mopsy, feeling lonely whenever Billy goes on space adventures, decided to find a way to follow Billy and help him, starting out at Billy's room.