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Link Keen.png
Fangame-ingame-Link Keen.png
Created withC
OSGame Boy Advance
Release date
Number of levels5
Secret levels0
Downloadnewest (v2.3)
source code
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Link-Keen is a Game Boy Advance port of NetKeen by John314. It can send the ROM over the link cable (used to connect the GBAs) so only one flash cartridge is needed, and supports up to 4 players. Compared to the original, Link-Keen is very minimal with content. Only deathmatches and team deathmatches can be played, and only episode 5 is supported, with 5 maps. To accommodate for the GBA's low video RAM, the tiles were shrunk in half, while the players and items were shrunk in 3/4ths.

Link-Keen won the Best Fangame award in Keen Awards 2022 along with VortaKeen.


Players can choose between 8 characters. 5 are retained from the original version, while 3 are newly introduced.

List of Maps

The first 2 are newly created for Link-Keen, while the other 3 are from the original NetKeen.

  1. Trash Recovery by John314
  2. Shikadi Hall by John314
  3. QED Arena by Mink
  4. Korath Towers by Mink
  5. Bridge Drop by Ceilick