Planet Cloudius IX

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Planet Cloudius IX
Planet Cloudius IX.png
Fangame-ingame-Planet Cloudius IX.png
Created withKEENGINE
Release date
Latest update2023-10-22
HomepageGame Jolt page
Discussion(s)PCKF discussion thread
Number of levels40
Secret levels8
Downloadnewest (v1.3.0)
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Planet Cloudius IX is the most advanced and full-fledged keen-like experience you can get. It is based on KEENGINE by K1n9_Duk3. It uses gameplay mechanics similar to the Keen: Galaxy games, but adds on to the gameplay in really nice and new ways.

The development of the game began somewhere in the summer of 2010 and the development of the engine began somewhere in 2008. The initial version (1.0.0) was released on 18.04.2019.


While traveling in his spaceship, Jake Rodgers almost collided with another one that seemingly came out of nowhere. For a brief moment he saw that the pilot of that spaceship was... a beautiful girl. Shortly after, he followed her spaceship and they both went into uncharted territories. They found themselves in front of a giant formation made of floating islands and atmosphere that is similar to the Earth's one. He saw her spaceship crashing on one of the floating islands. As he felt strong feelings towards that girl, he decided to find and learn about her and what was going on.


Planet Cloudius IX Overview

The world of Planet Cloudius IX from the initial version consist of 3 major islands: Darmondia (purple land), Jungle (green land) and Beach (yellow land). Jake's ship lands in Darmondia first.

There are several categories of creatures and items in the game:

  • Common items, points and creatures - These cam be found in most of the world.
  • Uncommon items, points and creatures - These can only be found in few places that sometimes can be secret as well.
  • Rare items, points and creatures - These can only be found in secret locations or only in specific environments.
  • Epic items, points and creatures - These can be very rare or unique. In most cases they can only be in one place in the entire game and can give you big points and/or special abilities.

Common Items

Standard Galactic Stunner 2000.png
Standard Galactic Stunner 2000
It temporally paralyzes the creatures. The red one gives you 5 ammo and the yellow one gives you 8 shots.
Rooibos (also known as Roobios) is arguably the finest intergalactic tea! Many scientific studies have show that regular drinking of this ancient tea (which originated from planet Earth) will give you extra lives in Planet Cloudius IX! Fortunately, there are plenty of Rooibos cups that can be vital for you. You need to drink 100 cups to get an extra life and replenish your hearts!
Spirulina Sphere.png
Spirulina Sphere
Extra life. These usually are rare and hard to find. Also replenish your hearts.
Adds an additional heart, if you are playing on a difficulty that allows you to carry more than one heart container. Very rare item. It also restores your health, if you have been hurt.
Gem-shaped keys.png
Gem-shaped keys
The keys to open doors.
Jake's Pogo Stick.png
Jake's Pogo Stick
Use it to jump higher and reach higher places. Don't loose it.

Uncommon, Rare and Epic Items

Crystal Shard.png
Crystal Shard
Crystal Shards are basically your currency in this planet. You will need them to pass through different areas and also can be used to unlock some doors along your way.
Ancient Ankh.png
Ancient Ankh
Ancient artifact that gives you invulnerability for 15 seconds. Very rare EPIC item.
Gem-Shaped Crystal Key.png
Gem-Shaped Crystal Key
Transparent crystal key that open doors. Avoid taking these as they will subtract 10 000 points from your score.
Pushable Silver And Gold Keys.png
Pushable Silver And Gold Keys
These ancient-type keys are made of a very rare mineral alloy that have an anti-life magnetic field. That means you can't grab these and you'll only be able to push them away from you. Push them in their respective holes to open doors. These are rare and are available in Solid Gold and Deep Silver.
3D Augmented Realms Headset.png
3D Augmented Realms Headset
You can use this headset to see hidden platforms.
Huge Green Diamond.png
Huge Green Diamond
This diamond is one of the eight diamonds which are used to sustain the normal dark energy levels in this universe.

Common Point Items

Ice Cream Vanilla flavor.png
Ice Cream Vanilla flavor
100 points
Ice Cream Chocolate flavor.png
Ice Cream Chocolate flavor
100 points
100 points
Cone-shaped Ice Cream.png
Cone-shaped Ice Cream
500 points
200 points
Perils of Naar.png
Perils of Naar
1000 points
1000 points
Non-alcoholic juice MUG.png
Non-alcoholic juice MUG
100 points
Hot Coffee.png
Hot Coffee
200 points
Stevia Candy.png
Stevia Candy
200 points
Raw Chocolate Bar with Coco's Flavor.png
Raw Chocolate Bar with Coco's Flavor
500 points
100 points
200 points
Windmill Spinner.png
Windmill Spinner
2000 points
200 points
Smiley Face.png
Smiley Face
2000 points
5000 points

Uncommon, Rare and Epic Point Items

Signal Holders.png
Signal Holders
100 points
1000 points
SGA Letter S.png
SGA Letter S
1000 points
SGA Letter P.png
SGA Letter P
1000 points
SGA Letter Y.png
SGA Letter Y
1000 points
Dot Crystal.png
Dot Crystal
100 points
Big Burger.png
Big Burger
10 000 points
Golden Chalice.png
Golden Chalice
2000 points
Golden Staff.png
Golden Staff
5000 points
Golden Crown.png
Golden Crown
10 000 points
Hand-drawn Lollipop.png
Hand-drawn Lollipop
100 points
Hand-drawn Cone-shaped Ice Cream.png
Hand-drawn Cone-shaped Ice Cream
200 points

Common Creatures

Help image 34.png
Rooplet: Rooplets are the most common species in this world. They're usually a friendly race, but can harm you if you get too close to them.
Cooplet: Cooplets are the little siblings of Rooplets and they're usually harmless. They can push you around.
Blorblob: Blorblobs are though and can be dangerous. They take 3 hits with the Standard Galactic Stunner.
Sluglet: These two-eyed slug-like creatures produce very poisonous... poop! Avoid them and their poo.
Snocky: These slug-snake like creatures can be electrifying to you when they stop and produce electricity.
Shroom: Shrooms are a deadly form of a mushroom that likes to bounce around.
Saugschnaufer: Saugschnaufer is a strange yellow creature that creates a strong wind with it's mouth and can push you. Otherwise it's quite harmless.
Rempy: Headcrabs with tentacles. Usually these are easy to stun, but you should avoid them.
RoadRock: You could easily mistake these deadly creatures as regular rocks! But they're more than that. When they hear you, they will become awake and will use their spikes to protect themselves. You can find these in purple and grey.
Blurd: Blurds are the most common flying birds of Planet Cloudius IX. Tough creatures that takes 4 shots with the regular stunner.
Blurd Walker.png
Blurd Walker: These are sub-type of Blurds which have developed stronger feet, but cannot fly.
Bat Pest.png
Bat Pest: Flying bats that are also pests with dogtooths.
Slimer: These green slimy creatures can stick around hard surfaces, but they very often jump and fly in random directions until they stick to something else. The original idea behind this creature is that you were supposed to pogo onto it to get an extra high pogo jump, but as of version 1.0.12 of the game that is not implemented. As of version 1.0.11 they can hurt the player.
Butterflies: These are pretty harmless. Still, they can block your shot. They also tend to fly around and follow you. The purple ones are usually found in Darmondia. The rest are in the jungles and beaches.
Small Souplet.png
Small Souplet: These are not a big threat, when they're small. Side note: Their bigger "daddy" version however, is an entirely different thing! It's a big threat! But as of v1.0.12 it is not implemented. But if it was, then the term "soup" from the "souplet" will make sense.
Oxplet: You can find these on the beaches and they use seashells to protect themselves.
Splooglet: Splooglets are creatures from the beaches and can take two shots.
Rooplet swim ring.png
Rooplet swim ring: Sometimes Rooplets enjoy going for a dive into the sea and are using swim rings to stay afloat in the water.
Rooplet Tank.png
Rooplet Tank: It's getting serious at the Boring Mining Company headquarter where the stakes are high. So the BMC Boss has taken measures to protect The Diamond by equipping Rooplets with tanks.

Uncommon, Rare and Epic Creatures

TBMC Boss.png
TBMC Boss: The Boring Mining Company Boss. He attacks and protects the Huge Green Diamond. Takes different amount of damage depending on the difficulty.
Raatlet: Raatlets are uncommon creatures that you can find only in the sewers.
RoboRoop: Rooplets in Robot suit.
Red Braat.png
Red Braat: These are very though, but fortunately for you, they don't move.
Purple Braat.png
Purple Braat: These are very though, but unfortunately for you, they move.
Zombaiotlet: These zombies want to eat you alive, but they're slow and dumb. But then again, they respawn every now and then, so be careful. It might get a bit zombaicaliptyc!