Dopefish Forever!

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Dopefish Forever!
Dopefish Forever.png
Fangame-ingame-Dopefish Forever.png
Author(s)Chris Geroux
Created withKlik & Play
Release date1997-04-15 (Dopefish Lives!)
HomepageScumsoft HQ (Dopefish Lives!)
Scumsoft HQ
Levels5 (Dopefish Lives!)
Secret levels0 (Dopefish Lives!)
Dopefish Lives!

Dopefish Forever! is a fangame created by Chris Geroux (also known as Scumsoft) with Klik & Play, and the very first Keen fangame to feature a Keen character. It first released in 1997-04-15 (under the name Dopefish Lives!) with just a single-player mode, and was later updated in 1997-07-04 to add four multiplayer modes. While the gameplay is rather basic and shallow, it's one of the more popular fangames due to its humor and unique concept. It's also notable for being featured in The Official Dopefish Home Page, where both versions of the game were even uploaded to its FTP server.


In the single-player mode, the player controls a green Dopefish, who must eat all of the Schoolfish to proceed to the next level, while avoiding the Underwater Mines. Every time a Schoolfish is eaten, the Dopefish will pause to face the screen and then burp. This mode spans five levels, the fifth featuring a Sprite that constantly fires at the Dopefish. In the fourth level, after all but one Schoolfish are eaten, Keen appears, who grants an extra hit point if eaten.

The multiplayer modes are divided into Fishfest and Dopematch, each with two-player and four-player variants. In Fishfest, the Dopefish race to be the first to eat 20 Schoolfish. Dopematch is an elimination mode, where the Dopefish eat the Schoolfish to then spit them out as projectiles against their opponents. If a fired Schoolfish hits an opponent, the Dopefish who fired it gains half a hit point.

Easter eggs

In Dopefish Lives!, if the player left-clicks twice on the Dopefish in the title screen, they will be taken to a screen showing images from The Official Dopefish Home Page. A hint for this easter egg is given after beating the single-player mode. This easter egg was removed in Dopefish Forever.

Dopefish Forever! adds a well-hidden easter egg into the game, which can be found by double right-clicking on the little circle by the T in "SCUMSOFT" at the title screen. This leads to a two-player mode featuring Roger Wilco from Space Quest, where the two Dopefish race to eat him 10 times.