Commander Keen in the Dream Machine

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Commander Keen in the Dream Machine
Commander Keen in the Dream Machine.png
Fangame-ingame-Commander Keen in the Dream Machine.png
Created withClick & Create
Release date2003-03-15
Secret levels0

Commander Keen in the Dream Machine is a fangame produced by DSL. There are very few bugs, a lot of new graphics and levels and new gameplay features. It, however, doesn't have a pogo, climbing and the save game option.

In each level there is a flag which acts like a checkpoint. Unlike the original Keen games, when you die you don't have to do the whole level again, but you start from the last checkpoint you reached.


Taken from the official Readme:

One night when Billy was about to fall asleep, he saw something outside his window. It looked like a huge machine but it wasn't a airplane or a helicopter. Billy walked towards the window, this had to be examinated. Suddenly, he saw a big handshaped thing came towards him and a flash illuminated the whole room. Billy managed to get his gun, helmet and cloths before the big thing catched him. The last thing he remembered was being carried out of the window. When he woke up again, he saw water below him. Billy was hanging upside down with clouds flying by his head.

"What is this!? What am I doing here in the middle of the pacific? And what's this kiddnaping all about?" Billy thought.

He tried to break free, but a metal hand reaching out from a machine wouldn't let Billy go. Suddenly, there was a evil laught from the top of the machine.

"Ha Ha, I really got you this time commander. This is my new invetion." Said the evil voice... "Ehh, this anoying machine?" Billy asked... "No no, this sea is not real. You see, I trapped you in one of your own dreams!"

Billy tried to see who the mysterious voice belonged to, but hanging upsidedown by a huge machine can really decrease your sight. Billy couldn't see anything. He couldn't move his head att all...

"You mean that I'm lying in my own bed, dreaming?" Billy asked. "Yes", the evil voice replied. "But this dream is diffrent from other dreams, once your in it, you will never wake up! Unless you turn of my dream-machine, but I guess that never happens!" "Why?" Billy asked... "Because I'm going to put you on an island you'll never escape from!" "I think he doesn't know I'w got my gun and helmet..." Billy thought.

A moment of silence followed. Billy could see a small island in the horizon coming closer and closer. Suddenly the evil voice said:

"Well, I'm sorry I have to leave you here. Good bye, Commander!"

The big metal hand suddenly droped Billy over the island. After a huge fall, Billy landed on the island.

"Sometimes It's good to wear a helmet!"

Billy looked around. He was on the top of a mountain and all he could see was water at the horizon. Suddenly he spotted the huge machine in the air. It was heading for a small boat that was floating outside the island. Billy grabbed his neural stunner and started to walk down the mountain...


The world map.
  • Level 1 - The Cleft - Here is the start of Billy's adventure.
  • Level 2 - The Deep Forest - Search your way through a dense forest.
  • Level 3 - Cannibal Village - Here is where the cannibals live.
  • Level 4 - The Dark Cave - Can you find your way through this dark maze?
  • Level 5 - The Lakeforest - You have to stay dry here. Don't fall into the water.
  • Level 6 - The Steep - Skill and timing is everything here. So you better watch your feet.
  • Level 7 - The Paradise Beach - This wonderful beach is not as peaceful as it might seem.
  • Level 8 - The Coral Reef - Moving under water can be a hard thing to do.


Poison Slug.png
Poison Slug
These creatures are memories from old adventures. Don't step on the poison trail they leave behind!
Mad Mushroom.png
Mad Mushroom
These creatures hunt Billy's dreams too. Be careful with these jumping things!
These creatures aren't just deadly to the touch, they can shoot at you. When you see them, JUMP!
Cactus Plant.png
Cactus Plant
A mysterious plant that grows on the island. Can shot sharp spikes in different directions. BEWARE!
Stupid but dangerous. Proceed carefully to avoid their spears.
Crazy Crab.png
Crazy Crab
These creatures are angry and will throw stones in your direction.