Super Mario in Marooned on Mars

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Super Mario in Marooned on Mars
Super Mario in Marooned on Mars.png
Fangame-ingame-Super Mario in Marooned on Mars.png
Author(s)@RyanSilberman aka Jack-of-all Games
Release date2019-04-07
Secret levelsUnknown

Super Mario in Marooned on Mars as described by it's author is: "a hybrid tribute to both one of gaming's all-time favorite heroes and PC's platforming pioneer, Commander Keen!

Play as Mario as he finds the missing parts of his spaceship so he and his passengers can travel back to the Mushroom Kingdom safe and sound. There are over fifteen levels here on Mars, but you only need the four ship parts to get out of there! That's not to say there's no reason to explore anywhere once you have them. Oh, of course not!

You can talk to your passengers for tips or casual interactions, and you can discover tons of secrets and goodies as you romp around the monster-infested environment. Just be sure to keep on your toes! You're going to need all the ammo and power-ups you can get!"

The game uses primarily Commander Keen 1 graphics and sounds with some Mario graphics and gameplay mechanics. It also uses some modified Keen/Mario graphics and some midi music tracks. The levels themselves look a lot like the ones from Keen 1, but have slight variations. It also uses a world map that is similar to Commander Keen 1.