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Created withGame Maker
Release date2008-06-12 (alpha v0.1)
2009-09-04 (alpha v0.5)
Secret levels0
DownloadAlpha v0.5
Alpha v0.1

R.O.C.K is a fangame by Henrock. The first Demo (Alpha) was released in 2008. It features two fully playable levels, and a B-W-B level. It plays almost exactly like the Keen Galaxy Series. All of Keens movements, including pogo, ledge grabbing, pole climbing, entering doors and juming down through half solid tiles are there. The wrist menu is missing, and there is no story or text file of any kind. R.O.C.K. stands for "Recreation of Commander Keen", as written in SGA in Level 1, so the game seems to be intended to take place on some kind of training base for Commander Keen. The map level looks as if this training base is floating above a gas giant. The Keycards look like the Card for the Security Door in Keen 5 and work like the Keycards in the Vorticons series. Point items with different alues starting 100 Points are used. There are even grey balls that seem to work like the Raindrop, giving you a live after collecting 100 of them, but since there are no lives, this was propably supposed to be added in a later version.

There are three different monsters in the Demo, two walking, deadly monsters, killed by one shot, and one small, blue, spiky blob killed by pogoing similar to the Skypest. A new monster was introduced in another demo.