TUIT (fangame)

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TUIT (fangame)
TUIT (fangame).png
Fangame-ingame-TUIT (fangame).png
Created withGameMaker
Release date2009-08-15
Secret levels0

TUIT is a fangame by Fleexy that is based off of the planned but unreleased The Universe is Toast. It's a two-player game about Commander Keen and Mortimer McMire battling for the universe's fate, and comes in four executable files that determine whether each character is controlled by a human or the computer. Both characters play similarly, but have different weaponry and abilities. Keen uses his Neural Stunner, which can defeat Mortimer in three hits, and can duck under Mortimer's shots. Mortimer shoots fireballs that can defeat Keen in just one hit and destroy blocks in three hits each, although the border is indestructible (the fireballs only give it cosmetic cracks). The arena is randomly generated upon starting each match.